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About us...

Blackrock Terrain started as a kitchen table business run by two brothers who love to play D&D, and it still is for now.

For Australians, getting a hold of miniatures and terrain can be a chore, with exchange rates and shipping costs make it prohibitively expensive to get into the hobby. It was the same for us, until we invested in our own silicone moulds from Hirstarts and started to make some terrain for ourselves.

The process was slow, so we made our own moulds to speed things up. Pretty soon, we had a full-on production line going and sold a few sets to some close friends. Others in the online roleplaying community showed interest and so we set up an online store to share our dungeon tiles with our fellow Aussie adventurers.

We never imagined that we would be starting a business, but where there's demand, we will supply. So check out our designs, both original and inspired by Hirstarts, and share with us your own creations.